Stay in Wales

Stay in Wales

Direct response, commission-free advertising

Proven effective since 1999, Stay in Wales presents Welsh accommodation to a huge number of potential customers, and can generate convertible leads at the lowest cost in the market.

Engaged advertisers, publishing and maintaining good quality content – a comprehensive set of high quality photos and a detailed, well-written description – along with accurate availability and pricing information, can generate commission-free bookings at a fraction of the cost which the big portals and agency services charge, and retain ownership of the booking process and client relationship in a way which simply isn't possible when a 'middle-man' is involved.

Direct response means that enquiries are sent direct to the property owner, and include contact details for the customer, enabling direct communication with no obstruction. Adverts also display the owner's phone number(s), and a link to the owner's website is optionally available too.

Commission-free means that neither the owner, nor their guests, pay any additional fee when a booking is made. Our service is on an annual basis, price £168 inc VAT, optional website link £30 inc VAT.


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Direct response advertising with Stay in Wales offers accommodation owners the opportunity to generate a useful number of bookings at an affordable price. As with all marketing, attaining the best possible results requires a certain amount of effort. A well-presented advertisement at the outset, and active ongoing management of content from then on, are prerequisites.

It simply isn’t possible to achieve best results from marketing without regular input. Five hours per year spent maintaining a Stay in Wales advert should be plenty. If you’re too busy to manage your advertising, we can do it for you – contact us via the enquiry form below to request a quote.

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