360° panoramic virtual tours

Take photography to the next level with interactivity

Display property for sale and holiday accommodation in immersive detail and your customer can almost feel they are actually there. Whilst still photos and video are informative, interactive panoramas show so much more detail.

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For estate agents, a virtual walkthrough is the ideal way to let a prospective buyer see a property before deciding whether to visit in person, minimising the number of in-person viewings required.

For holiday accommodation, virtual tours can include multiple rooms or properties, as well as external scenes – for example the surrounding countryside, or nearby attractions.

For any business, show potential customers what you offer in interactive detail.


  • Virtual tour of up to 10 scenes €229.00
  • Each additional scene €20.00
  • Additional customisation €35.00 per hour

Prices are net, and are not subject to VAT, in line with article 256A du CGI.


  • Travel to your location up to 50km from Carcassonne
  • Creation of a free-standing virtual tour which can be hosted in your own web space – see an example
  • Upload to your Google business profile, enabling display on Google Streetview
  • Upload to your own web hosting space, if required
  • A copy of each panoramic image in a format suitable for inclusion in your Facebook page


  • Customised functionality of your free-standing virtual tour – see an example
  • Integration of the virtual tour into your own website
  • Hosting of your virtual tour, with option of your own domain name
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Canon EOS M6 on Nodal Ninja 6

Vibrant, high resolution output

Using top quality camera equipment and best-in-class software, we create high resolution panoramas which are sharp and consistently-lit to ensure the best possible representation of the subject matter.